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What is Hemp?

Hemp or Industrial Hemp is a specific strain of cannabis plant family that has only negligible amounts of THC, the psychoactive component found in the marijuana. Hemp will not get you "high" or leave you feeling "stoned". Hemp is not marijuana. Hemp is completely legal and may have amazing health benefits. Many users and some studies have reported that Hemp may help people that need relief from pain, anxiety, PMS / menopause symptoms, inflammation, all without the feelings of uneasiness, or confusion.

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about Hemp

1Aren't Marijuana and Hemp the same?

In a word, no. This false perception has been incredibly destructive and allowed Hemp to be lumped in with the "evil" marijuana by opposing forces and kept hemp and all it's benefits illegal for 80 years.

Hemp or Industrial Hemp is genetically different from and marijuana. The landmark 2014 farm bill legalized the cultivation of Hemp for Universities and State Departments for research purposes. Since then many states have passed laws allowing Hemp to be grown for commercial purposes.

2Can smoking hemp get you "high"?
No you cannot. THC is the active ingredient in Marijuana that gets you "high", the THC levels in Industrial Hemp are federally mandated to remain below .03% which is effectively trace amounts.
3Was the Declaration of Independence written on hemp paper?
While Hemp paper was commonly available and often used at the time the official document was written on parchment paper. While the there were drafts written on dutch hemp paper the final work was transferred on to animal parchment and made official on august 1776.

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